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  • Sejung was selected as an exclusive business operator of OK FTA in 2015.We visited the OK FTA site and currently carrying out outsourcing business with about 70 companies.
  • The outstanding company in the origin management project with Korea Association of Machinery Industry in 2015
  • Documentary service for the FTA utilization manual (Kimchi/ citron tea) for Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation in 2015
  • Training for FTA origin managers of Jeollabuk-do Business Agency in 2015
  • Dispatched customs brokers to FTA Support Center by organizing a consortium of OK FTA business operators and carried out OK FTA consulting business in 2014
  • FTA export-related consulting to Small & Medium Business Corporation in 2014 and 2015
  • Dispatched FTA experts to Jeollabuk-do in 2014: provided consulting to about 20 companies
  • Third-party verification project for comprehensive origin certification in 2014 (Chuncheon)
  • FTA consulting to the Korea Customs Service in 2013

FTA –consulting for private entities

  • Company E (cosmetics) in 2014 and 2015: consulting on the response to post inspection of Korea-EU FTA and post application of Korea-Canada FTA
  • Company S (Electrical and Electronics) in 2015: Responses to origin verification (origin mark)
  • Consult services to a number of companies including Hyundai Mobis, GM Korea, and partners of Ssangyong Motors
  • Gunsan Girls' Commerce High School in 2015: training for FTA origin managers
  • Company H (auto parts) and 10 other companies in 2014: FTA-related advisory consulting

AEO consulting performances

  • Sep 2015 ~ current: Consulting services to A-Sung Clean Flow Tech Co.,Ltd on certification application
  • Feb 2015 to May 2015: Certification renewal and post management for B cosmetic company
  • Aug 2014 to Dec 2014: Consulting services to Jeongdo Machinery on certification application and about other 20 companies

Corporate Audit

Company L in Korea (Electronics)

  • Jul 2013 to Sep 2013 / customs refund, adequacy of tax amount

Company T in Germany (Machinery Manufacturing)

  • Nov 2013 to Dec 2013 / Review on the relocation price and assessment on the suitability of classification of goods

Company A in France (Airline)

  • Jan 2014 / FTA post verification (Korea-EU)

Company M in France (Car)

  • May 2014 to Jun 2014 / Review on production fee and royalty

Company M in the United States (IT)

  • May 2014 to Jun 2014 / Reporting of interim price and fixed price

Company K in the United States (Food)

  • Jul 2014 / Approval of food inspection