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Interests on origin verifications related to FTA is growing as number of countries signing FTA and size of trades are increasing. According to the Korea Customs Service, the number of verification with a country that entered FTA system is increasing every year as of July 2014. Korea-EU FTA, which agreed to origin documents to be drew directly by companies, had the most influential effect that requests on verification have increased significantly. The United States, similar to EU, is a country that strict codes for country of origin verification and since Korea-US FTA took an effect in 2012, requests for origin verification is expected to grow steadily.

Export verification status by FTAs (Unit: case) Source The Korea Customs Service (the 2013 International Origin Conference)

In preparation for post-inspection on origin verification,Sejungassigns an expert customs broker for each FTA to provide prompt and high quality services related to issuance of country of origin and management of the document. In addition, through simulations, we provide services to prepare our customers for origin verification.