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  • Provides export/import declaration to customs offices on behalf of importing/exporting companies
  • Provides prompt customs clearance services of importing/exporting goods and legal assistances on continuously changing codes such as customs laws, foreign trade acts and foreign exchange transaction laws.
  • Currently, 90% of export and import declaration is done through customs brokers
  • Carriage of goods
  • declarer (customs broker)

    notification of acceptance

  • request for clearance by import and export shipper
  • the Korea Customs Service (Customs)

    Import-export declaration

Sejung Customs Service Inc. specializing in general customs services

  • 01. Appoint exclusive customs brokers

    Sejung Customs Service Inc. manages the compliances of partners by appointing exclusive customs brokers and through its business performances.
    It removes potential risks that can occur depending on import or export cases.

  • 02. Organize exclusive team

    Sejung Customs Service Inc. appoints exclusive personnel to have a responsibility for tasks and can flexibly take measures in case of emergency clearance requests.
    It reduces the error rate by minimizing personal errors.

  • 03. Customs Clearance Risk Management Service

    Sejung automatically manages customs clearance steps (prior, during, and after) for risks that can occur in case of customs clearance and blocks risk factors in advance. Through systematic customs clearance structures and clear segregation of duties, it ensures perfect clearance and prompt on-site responses.

  • 04. Management of customs refund

    Sejung tries to maximize corporate profits through accurate reimbursement.
    It minimizes losses by designing and applying
    bg_summerize02the most suitable reimbursement processes.

  • 05. Clear ex post facto management

    With clear ex post facto management,
    Sejung enhances partners' efficiency of works.

    • Storage and providing of documents on behalf
    • Providing monthly reports
    • Providing information on exchange rate