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Dear customers,
Greetings. Thank you for visiting Sejung Customs Service

  • Sejung Customs Services provides customs clearance, inspection, litigation,
    FTA/AEO consulting, logistics consulting, legal consulting and corporate
    training as One Stop Total Service to ensure prompt and professional services
    for our clients within the country.
  • Sejung Customs Services places customer satisfaction as our most important
    value and we uphold that value by providing reliable and high-quality services.
  • Sejung Customs Services is managed by professional agents who are in charge
    of evaluation, clearance, and refund procedures and supported by a team of
    customs brokers who were recruited through a competitive process.
  • This website contains information on import and export clearance,
    FTA customs clearance and post verification, AEO, customs refund, inspection,
    and other subjects.
  • If you have any questions regarding this website, please contact us at +82-2-69256-5254
    Professional customs brokers of Sejung will do their best to assist you.
    Our Sejung family will dedicate to development and well being of your businesses.